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Lo-Dough Pea and Ham Pie

This is one of those quick meals that you can knock together with cupboard ingredients. For those on Slimming World some of us have a thing about Pek Ham (green tin) which is free on the plan – served with mushy peas and pickles. It’s a free food lunch with pickles adding that extra speed needed to boost weightloss. We try and think of it as a pie – but it’s not!
I made a variation a while ago whereby I wrapped the ham in a Weightwatchers white wrap (which you can have as your healthy extra b choice) and baked it in the oven making something that more resembles a pie!
The only problem is you may have other plans for your healthy extra b so you would have to use syns for the wrap.
That’s where Lo-Dough comes in. By using a piece of Lo-Dough instead of the Weightwatchers wrap you save yourself some syns as Lo-Dough is only 2 syns per wrap as opposed to the Weightwatchers wrap which is currently 5.5 syns
The Weightwatchers wrap is thinner and I find not as filling.

Preheat oven to Gas 5 – Electric 190 degrees Celsius

Prep time 5 mins
Cooking time 35mins

  • 1 Lo-Dough wrap
  • 1 tin Pek Ham – green tin
  • 1 tin mushy peas
  • Butter frylight
  • Pickles to serve

Spray one piece of Lo-Dough with butter frylight on both sides.
Line a deep dish with tin foil with plenty of overlap and press the Lo-Dough inside – I use a metal pudding bowl.
Cover the bottom of the Lo-Dough with half a tin of mushy peas and place the whole piece of ham on top.
Gather the edges of the tin foil together and use that to close the Lo-Dough together . It will not close completely but all you should be able to see is the top of the ham. Completely seal the tin foil and you should end up with a ball shape.

Remove ball from bowl and place on a baking tray in the centre to top of the oven for 25 mins. Carefully open the foil and pull back. Spray Lo-Dough with butter frylight and bake for another 10mins until golden before serving.

I added the other half of the tin of peas to an oven proof dish and popped it in the oven for the last 10 mins

Serve with pickles and Colmans Original Mint Sauce

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