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Filippo Berio Crostini’s – Quick Canapés or Nibbles?

I was delighted to get to review the Filippo Berio Crostini range and really get to know the the taste, flavours and crunch. I decided to sample them using them as canapés. One thing we have very little of is time when having friends round for drinks and or meals. The last thing we need is spending ages making canapés so mine were ready in a flash! I purchased some whipped creamed cheese, some chorizo crisps and bruschetta topping. I also used some capers I already had in for decoration Honestly they were ready in five minutes. So how did I find the crostini? Well the flavours are lovely. Not too subtle but not overpowering either – a perfect balance. They are sliced thinly, are really nice and crunchy and well packaged. Do I have a favourite? I can honestly say I don't – they all lend themselves to different topping and are perfect in their own right – or to be honest on their own as a tasty little nibble! 
You can find more details here Filippo Berio Crostini Range

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