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It’s Summer time at Degustabox!

Imagine my delight today at receiving a summer themed Degustabox on a perfect Summers day! The sun is blazing and my face is beaming! For anyone who hasn't experienced opening a Degustabox- you can try your first box for just £5.99 with my code 8c0x9. It's a monthly subscription box which you can cancel at any time. Go to where you can find more details on delivery, subscriptions and cancellations.
This months aptly 'Summer' themed box is so welcome! The perfect balance of healthy food with ample liquid refreshments!
We always start the day with breakfast so what better way to introduce this months contents than to start with:
Weetabix Additions – Coconut and Raisin. For those on Slimming World two of these are your hexb or 7.5 syns. It's a huge box of 24 and packed with fibre, vitamin D and 100% wholegrain. £2.99

A cheeky little fruit juice is another way to start a beautiful Summer morning and we are lucky enough to have just such a thing with this lovely carton of Cracker Drinks Co. Mango and Passionfruit fruit juice drink A uniquely crafted fruit blend, Cracker Drinks describe their juice as sweet, smooth and subtle. It contains only naturally occurring sugars and provides you with 1 of your 5 a day. At 60 cals per 200 ml serving or 3 syns that's definitely affordable! £1.80

Another thing that comes in handy at breakfast time – for frying or baking those eggs and hash browns or omelettes is Frylight. Something I cannot do without! This new flavour – Avocado is perfect for pan frying, woks, roasting or the BBQ. At just 1 cal per spray, just spray away, it's good exercise! £2.99

If you haven't got time for breakfast and have to eat on the train etc these Ryvita Thins are perfect.
Take them to work, accompanied by a little hummus or a dip they are a perfect snack or addiction to lunch. Topped with Cheddar, Regato and Emmental cheeses you can even enjoy them on their own for just 1.5 syns or 29 cals. £1.89

One thing we do like to do on a hot day is to enjoy light snacks. It's sometimes difficult to fit in a healthy nutritious snack when you don't fancy fruit.Oloves are perfect for that. Natural green pitted olives flavoured with chilli and oregano and just 53 cals per pack or 3 syns they make a perfect filling snack £0.99

All this is making me thirsty and what better for a lovely refreshing drink than an apple spritz. Thor Dry Apple Spritz has included two flavours in this months box – Ginger and Mint. At just 69 Calories per bottle or 3.5 syns you can enjoy a lovely refreshing dry crisp sparkling drink

Cooking on a hot day can be a bit of a bind and salads are quite often on the menu. We all need that extra bit of filling power and not all of us eats bread. Quinoa is a perfect alternative to rice or couscous and can be served with salads, stews or enjoyed on its own. Merchant Gourmet's Red and White Quinoa ( pronounced keenwah) can even be used for making a wholesome porridge. At just 3 syns per pack it's a very filling healthy wholefood £1.99

A staple in anyone's cupboard should be mustard. MaillesTraditional Dijon Mustard is a perfect accompaniment to many a meal and I often use it as an ingredient to flavour dishes – grilled lamb, in potato salad or simply with a steak. Just a tiny amount can transform a recipe. £1.99

So we have got through a hot day and we are well into the evening and we fancy a nibble! What better than to indulge on something random …..
Oh yes! It's Rowntrees Randoms. Not only are they packed with fruity flavour, they have 30% less sugar too! 9 sweets are 106 cals or 5.5 syns and so worth it for a lovely chewy fruity sweet! Perfect for the family if you can bear to share! £1.29

So if you couldn't bear to share them how about giving the rest of the family some beautiful nutritious yoghurt. Included in the box this month is a voucher to enjoy any flavour of The Collective Kids Yoghurt With no pips or bits and packed with fruit they make a delicious healthy snack or dessert. No added nasties and just whole milk and fruit this fruity yoghurt was created to cater for children's palates and preferences. £2.00

The Collective didn't stop there though! For those gym goers or those that just need a protein boost. The Collective have included two vouchers to try their Pro-Yo berries, coconut or strawberry protein yoghurt in a carton to enjoy on the go! Containing more protein than 2 eggs in each carton and less sugar than an apple they make a perfect snack!

Well after a long day what better way to wind down the day with a lovely refreshing alcoholic drink – feet up, in the garden with a glass of Blossom Hill Spritz
Blossom Hill Raspberry and Blackcurrant Spritz is a fruity twist on wine. Light bubbly with natural fruit flavours. Best served chilled. £4.99
A perfect way to reflect what an amazing Summer themed July's Degustabox was!

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