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Hackney Coffee Co

I have just received some very aromatic samples of The Hackney Coffee Co coffee blends – and am pleasantly charmed!Columbia Road – Delicate floral notes combine with hints of citrus, berries and caramel 

Kingsland – Forest notes of Berry and walnuts with a creamy milk chocolate finish

Sadler Ascent – a roving single estate coffee with bold flavours that change seasonally

Regents – Bold chocolate caramel and dried fruit notes – de caffeinated 

I chose to sample the Kingsland first – I can’t try them all at once with my sleep problems! 

I decided to road test Kingsland Road in my lovely Jane Hogben expresso mug. Lovely coffee,  good aroma – I can’t taste the chocolate tones but I get the Walnut slightly and anything tasting of nuts is good for me! It’s a great blend which encouraged me to have a top up. I find some coffees can be quite bitter but this is lovely and mellow, fragrant with a beautiful aroma. 

I am looking forward to sampling the other blends over the coming days! 

Visit  to view the full selection. £5.95 per 200gm bag with an option to save 10% on your orders by subscription 

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