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What have we learnt about Lo-Dough?

Lo-Dough is the lightest, lowest calorie bread alternative ever to be manufactured. At just 39 calories per wrap sized piece it makes it affordable on any diet!

Lo-Dough has really shaken up the diet industry bringing bread back to our tables in a healthy and revolutionary way
It’s high fibre and high protein properties make it extremely satisfying and better for digestion. Lo-Dough is gluten free and a lot more gentler on the stomach for those that suffer from bloating with conventional breads. Lots more people are needing to cut dairy from their diet and Lo-Dough ticks this box too. For those trying to get back to their ‘fighting weight’ Lo-Dough is fat free, incredibly low carb and sugar free. Yes those demon sugars have been banished! Being paleo and vegetarian ensures that Lo-Dough suits everyone not just those who are restricting their intake.
So what does it do? Well, just about everything! You can wrap it, bake it, fry it, grill it, make pies, puddings, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, tortillas….

From humble beginnings the team at Lo-Dough team are set to become the best thing since sliced bread!

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