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Estée Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick Frank Review!

Firstly I have to apologise for the rubbish photograph. Unfortunately I was unable to get a clearer photograph this morning!I have stuck with this for a while but realised this morning that a review was needed! When I first bought the product I was impressed by the radiant glow my skin had after application. It went on relatively easily but I found it a bit of a faff!

Within a short space of time the sponge applicator fell off and wouldn’t stay on making application extremely difficult. I have to give Estée Lauder credit for replacing this via their helpline without question.  This morning whilst in the middle of using the replacement for the second time, the sponge applicator spun off and this resulted in a 3 inch scratch down my face. See photograph for the first applicator that came off the first product and the applicator off my replacement. As you can see by the nozzle it is quite pointed and really took me by surprise when it happened. 

This product – the makeup fluid is excellent but I think it’s time for Estée Lauder to rethink the design. I have a red mark down my cheek and this completely is the opposite of what I was trying to achieve. 

Would I buy it again? No, however the quality of the foundation is excellent but application makes it unpractical. Come on Estée Lauder – we ALL KNOW you can do better than this! 

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