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The Ramblings of a Kitchen Gadget Addict!

Anyone that watches my Instagram stories will have heard about my kitchen gadget obsession. Is it warranted? I think so! In today’s society anything that makes life easier has got to be good in my opinion! From my simplest gadget – a Joseph Joseph stainless steel garlic crusher to my most expensive Magimix processor both equally make me smile and thankful for their existence. 

So when does a kitchen gadget fall out of favour with me? My stick blender for instance is the worst gadget for user satisfaction. It looks good but performs dreadfully, so rarely comes out. It is marked well down on my gadget list, definitely not an all round pleaser! And then there’s my Tefal Actifry which has seen better days. Having had this since almost the launch of the Tefal Actifry it has started to yellow and look shabby.  It still does the same job, it just doesn’t look good, hence, it doesn’t make me happy using it and stays well hidden away out of view of my more ‘pleasing to the eye’ gadgets. 

I know, you are probably thinking ‘What a spoilt superficial individual’ but for me – to tick all the boxes of a great kitchen gadget it has to look good. I appreciate the finish, design, durability, and find the aesthetics ignite my passion to use them over and over again. So, instead of using my Tefal Actifry to make low fat chips, stir fries etc I have resorted back to ‘manual methods’ I have seen the new model and think it looks far better in black and will be lots easier to keep looking pristine, so well done Tefal – your advances in design have ensured that your new Actifry is destined to be proudly displayed on any kitchen worktop!

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