Lo-Dough – The Lightest, Lowest Calorie Bread Alternative

Exciting news. 3 years in development I have just got to share with you this amazing breakthrough in the lightest, lowest calorie bread alternative. Sandwich it, pizza it, wrap it, garlic it, anything it!! It has a soft spongy fresh bread like texture This is a brand new launch, only available direct from here Low calorie bread alternative

Eat straight from the pack, pop on a baking tray in the oven and bake for two or three minutes and it shapes itself into a shallow bowl which you can top with chilli and leave out the carbs! It’s just 1 WW Smart Point or two syns on SW! My whole breakfast which consisted of a one egg omelette laid on top of the wrap, popped in the oven to warm slightly, filled with balsamic mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh basil and spinach and topped with a low fat cheese slice and rolled.

On WW my whole breakfast was 5 Smartpoints and on SW using 1/2 hexa it totals just 2 syns and I still have my hexb left for later! Lo-Dough are taking pre orders for their launch later this month so I wish them lots of luck! It is gluten free (awaiting accreditation) and only contains 2.2 gms of carbs and contains more fibre than the healthiest wholemeal loaf! Vegetarian friendly too but not vegan as it contains egg whitesFind them and message them on Instagram @lo.dough and Facebook @ Lo-Dough.

For more info check out their website too at ! Good luck guys!

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