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Slimming World or Weightwatchers? The Truth from my mouth !

This week I entered a new phase in my weightloss journey, I joined Weightwatchers. Now don’t get me wrong Slimming World is in my bones, it’s my foundation for all my meals, but recently having hovered for months at the same weight I realised I needed to up my game. After analysing why this was , I realised I needed a new challenge. I had tried setting smaller goals with SW but I needed more. Fresh motivation, new challenges and to tackle the fact SW was not stopping me from overeating. Let’s face it, an elephant gets huge eating leaves!

I have always liked a large meal, the problem with this though is that if you are historically an overeater, once you go off track, you go for it in a big way! I need to teach myself portion control so when I go off the rails which is inevitable at times then it won’t be so destructive and have such a negative impact on my weightloss journey.

With Weightwatchers – I joined this week –  I am using the Smart Points system to teach me how to eat more controlled portions but I am still eating the same foods I was eating on SW. I am only on Day 3 but already have cut down massively on portion sizes and limiting certain foods. I know that this goes against the grain to restrict foods which are free on SW but if you have been an overeater all your life it’s a habit that needs to be tackled. SW doesn’t really address this as the stance is eat an abundance of speed and free foods.

Attending two groups may not seem ideal and it may prove unpopular to some who attend my groups and I don’t feel I can speak openly about this there as it’s quite controversial and may upset some members but I want to continue with both as I feel the are equally important to me. If any of you who attend my groups are reading this then it’s my personal choice, my life and my way of dealing with my weightloss journey. SW has taught me the importance of cooking from scratch, using free and speed foods and being relaxed about my weightloss journey, but for me doesn’t tackle the overeating and binge eating as I could still do that within my syns.

I will take part in both groups, will not speak about WW in my SW group and visa versa . I would hate myself if I confused someone during the course of their very own personal journey. I am just finding my own way.

I continue to cook the Slimming World way, count my syns, and use my hexa and hexb but using Weight Watchers Smart Points I am controlling my portion sizes and it’s working well! 

WW is stopping me thinking about eating  large volumes of food and making me control portions. Don’t get me wrong, this is my honeymoon period and it may go totally wrong, especially if I start getting challenges about my group choices. Just remember. Weightloss is a very personal journey, specific to us, and we have to do the best we can to have a long and happy life. A few years back I struggled to walk without a stick,  had terrible IBS, was  riddled with constant back and joint problems and was so depressed and stressed. I couldn’t see a way forward out of the state I was in. I started by making small changes. Had healthier breakfasts, cooked more from scratch, used less fats etc , just one small change at a time until I joined a SW group which helped me to lose another 3 stone on top of the almost 2 stone I had lost by myself. Now, with combined efforts, myself, SW and WW I am moving onto a new phase, fresh challenges and renewed motivation for a happier and healthier me! Don’t judge, just be happy for me and wish me luck – it’s MY JOURNEY AND ITS AS CLEAR AS A BELL TO ME!

Dont be mistaken though, I am soft, kind sensitive person and if I find any change or hostility in either of my groups then I will be off like a bullet out of a gun. I don’t want to soak up any negativity as I am an optimist and want to keep it that way. Any hostility will be borne out of ignorance so they will be told quite firmly the reality of the situation and I will leave them with those thoughts as I continue with MY JOURNEY 

2 thoughts on “Slimming World or Weightwatchers? The Truth from my mouth !

    1. It’s a difficult one. Slimming world is always my default and that’s the way I am going this year. They both have their place. If you like large portions, unlimited carbs and protein, lots of vegetables with fewer unhealthy treats I would say Slimming World. If you feel you struggle with portion sizes and have a tendency to overeat when you go off plan and feel like you need better control with more flexibility on what you eat then Weightwatchers. Having said that there is a new WW plan out and I haven’t seen it but I think some foods don’t need to be counted any more like
      Lean chicken….only you can decide. I had better losses on WW because I had more ‘volume control’ but long term SW is so easy
      Good luck!

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