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Skinny Bakery – mindful of the calories! 

Deliciously moist, deliciously indulgent but kind to the calorie and Syn bank

Lovely delivery arrived today from the very talented Skinny Bakery,  ooooh the temptation. I haven't had time to work out all the syn values so as a ball park figure each single bite is apx 1.5 syns or 7-7.5 syns per pack. The Coconut bites are slightly higher at 10.5 syns for their whole tubMy delivery contained the following
Skinny Carrot Cake Pearls, lovely taste of cinnamon, walnuts, and currants 

Double chocolate meringues – gorgeous gooey in the middle perfectly crisp meringues with a delicious chocolate taste

Skinny Beetroot Pearls – oh these are so lovely! One of our favourites in our little tasting session! 

Skinny Coconut Bites, made with jumbo oats, peanut butter, apple and coconut – lovely! 

I also received 

Skinny Choc Chip Cookies

Skinny Choc and Orange Cookies

And Skinny Mini Gingerbread men but I need to try these another day as I tried one of each of everything else! All the cakes are deliciously moist, contain a lovely frosting made with quark (apart from the Coconut) 

My favourites listed 1-4 are

1)Skinny Carrot Cakes

2) Double Chocolate Meringues

3) Skinny Beetroot Pearls

4) Lemon Pearls

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