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iloveBite is Spiffing!!

Arrived home from weigh in today feeling very pleased with myself having lost two pounds this week and was met by this very exciting delivery! My mission on this blog as some already know is to show you how diverse the Slimming World Plan is and show you just some of the different varieties of food and drink there is to offer you. 

 iloveBite are an exciting innovative company specialising in flour and rice  products so here is what I have received – my delivery of three parts! 

Kintaro Nut Clusters – hot and spicy and black sesame and cashew nut . Ready to eat clusters of crunchy nuts! I am a nut freak so looking forward to trying these! They are 8 syns and 7.5 syns for half a bag – 25gms

Pop Rice blueberry and cranberry flavour , dairy, gluten, additive and preservative free and suitable for vegans just 7.5 syns per bag

Pop rice is small clusters of Nut rice and fruit, designed for a real taste sensation! 

The second part of my delivery is Spiffing Rice – brown rice a wholegrain full of goodness and packed in a sealable bag for multiple use.

Wild rice mix is a combination of Premium brown long grain, red and wild rice to add great texture and taste to your food. Both these rice varieties are Syn free and have an extra nutty taste to give you a change from white rice. All these can be purchased from

Now the third part of my delivery had me scratching my head until I had the lightbulb moment. Beautifully packed Organic flours perfect for home baking . In my box I received a great selection listed below 

Organic White Flour milled from selected strong hard wheat perfect for bread making, pizzas etc

Organic White Spelt Flour. Spelt is an ancient grain still grown in Central Europe and has been said to have many health benefits. Spelt flour can be used for bread, cakes and pastry making

Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour again produced from the ancient grain bringing a sweet and nutty flavour to your bread and pastry baking

Sprouted Wheat Flour – A rough and rustic Flour perfect for sourdoughs and some breads with increased levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre 

Lastly – Sprouted Buckwheat Flour. Sprouted Flour is more easily digestible and friendlier to the stomach, high fibre, increased levels of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

You may think that the syn value for cooking with these ingredients are too high but with clever calculations you can always have a small amount of what you bake for yourself or your family and as long as you syn it you will be fine. It’s better to syn the whole item you are making and portion it down to a more realistic ‘syn’ or even calorie size portion for yourself. Using these ingredients in your baking can help you on the journey to better health and making healthier choices for yourself and your family 

Find more information on these products and how to purchase at

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