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Sweet Freedom – The Alternative to Sugar

Always sweet, always natural and making healthy taste great!

Today I have an amazing delivery to share with you – Sweet Freedom very kindly sent me their full delicious range to review! I love using choc shot drizzled over fresh or frozen fruit served with Greek yoghurt and sometimes serve it with a chopped Slimming World double chocolate hi-fi bar for that extra indulgence and a true chocolate sundae taste without the hit on syns!

Sweet Freedoms Great Taste Award winning Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup is made 100% from fruit, has nothing added to it, and is water extracted using no chemicals or enzymes and is also low in fructose, far lower than table sugar, honey and agave syrup. Made entirely from fruit (apple, grape & carob), it contains only the naturally occurring sugars in the three fruits used and has just 13 calories per teaspoon. As well as sweetening hot and cold drinks, you can replace all sugars and sweet syrups in baking, and it’s delicious drizzled direct over porridge, pancakes, yoghurt and more! Sweet Freedom’s Fruit Syrup Dark has all of the above qualities with a richer and distinctive flavour.

Sweet Freedom’s Choc Shot luxurious liquid chocolate is sweetened only with Fruit Syrup (as are all their products). As well as making silky smooth hot chocolate without any powdery lumps and blending effortlessly into milkshakes, Choc Shot is delicious drizzled direct over porridge, pancakes, yoghurt, fruit and more! It’s so much in demand that it now comes in two delicious NEW flavours Choc Shot Orange Spice and Choc Shot Coconut!

Sweet Freedom’s latest launch – the brand NEW Choc Pot has 75% less fat and half the calories of Nutella and contains NO palm oil. With only 14 calories per teaspoon, it’s SO lovely spread on lightly buttered toast, pancakes, oat cakes, rice cakes, crumpets or as a filling or topping for ‘better for you cakes’ too.

You can find all details For Sweet Freedom here

Stockists: Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Co-op, Ocado, Boots, Holland & Barrett. The new Choc Pot is available in Asda and Boots and coming to more stores near you soon!

How will you have yours?

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