The Litttle Cookie Dough Co. 

What a fantastic idea! These came today from The Little Cookie Dough Co which you can find on Facebook or on Instagram @thelittlecookiedoughco . Just £5.95 a box including delivery! for 6 gorgeous cookie dough mixes in a choice of flavours . Just cook one at a time and only 4 syns each. The dough keeps for ages and can be baked straight away (chill for a few mins) or kept in the fridge or frozen – not so sure it will last longer than a week in my fridge 🐷 These would make a great present to someone or a present to yourself ! Your own freshly baked cookie every evening 😋 Fantastic service, quick delivery and great communication 👏🏼

To order:

Simply send them a private message with the dough flavour and up to two toppings you’d like on them, they make them fresh and send them off in the post to you either the same day or very next day (not Sunday!)

You can also order via email ‘TheLittleCookieDoughCo@outlook.com’ or via txt/phone on 07794733854

They can make also be sent as a gift to a friend or loved one 

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