Battle Oats 

Now in my quest to bring exciting things for us fellow slimming worlders to spend syns on I found these! At first glance these bars are 15 syns!! 

I know, your whole syns in one bar. I had heard good things about these protein flapjacks which are also gluten free and give you 15-22grams of protein per bar. The flavours :

  •  White chocolate coconut
  • Dark chocolate chip
  • Cranberry and blueberry infusion
  •  Double chocolate brownie. 

I decided to cut a bar up and managed to get 15 Sweet size portions – so 1 syn each. I wrapped each one in foil to keep fresh and when I really fancy a sweet I can have one of these which are far healthier . They would be a great addiction to your snack trays. I love the white chocolate coconut bar which is by far not the sweetest as I find the cranberry and blueberry the sweetest. 

You can buy these online here For me, my favourite – the white chocolate coconut will be in my Syn cupboard from now on – cut into 15 pieces mind you! 😊

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