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Deliciously Guilt Free 

Deliciously Guilt Free Blondies and Brownies!

Chocolate and chia seed 6.5 syns,

Chocolate and walnut brownie 8syns

Salted caramel and nut blondie 10syns

Browned butter peanut blondie 9 syns

I had to try these you understand 😉 Of the four flavours, the peanut butter blondie and the chocolate walnut brownie are the best in my opinion. I wasn’t too keen on the chia seed. They are low carb, gluten free and made from all natural ingredients containing very little sugar at all. They are still a little sweet but not as sweet as normal shop bought ones. They are certainly not dry and quite moist, great for the health conscious who miss their indulgent brownies and blondie but don’t want the carbs and sugar. For slimming worlders they are quite high in syns but it depends how much you want your cake and eat it! Available online £6.99 – £7.49 for a box of 4  

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