Remember why you started

Its taken a lot of courage to post this picture and I hated the person I was but It’s so easy to forget why you started your weightloss journey. If you are reading this then the chances are you still need to lose a few pounds like me.

I first started my journey because I was struggling to walk. I was using an umbrella as a walking stick, could only walk a few yards and was in a lot of pain from my knees, back and hips. I can’t remember when it started, only one day it became very difficult to bear.

Joining Slimming World was hard. Mainly for two reasons. I had to walk up a slight incline and didn’t want to appear out of breath, I was dreading anyone talking to me before my breathing had a chance to settle down, and I didn’t want anyone to judge me for getting in such a state!

Yesterday reminded me I still have a way to go, despite being over 4.5 stone lighter than my heaviest. I was struggling with my left knee and whilst climbing the stairs at work I fell. I didn’t really hurt myself but in the past, on a warmer day like yesterday I wouldn’t have had so much discomfort. It appears now that weightloss will only ease my discomfort.

Now I don’t want to ramble on about my knees and hips which still give me pain despite my great weightloss (I am proud of how far I have come!) but I want you to remind yourself and remember why you started because it’s so easy to lose sight of that along the way. There are lots of apps with great visuals to download where you can see how you well are progressing, but remembering how you felt too and the struggles you may have faced could just spur you in on the right direction to a healthy you!

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