Slissie – anti snacking device

So I , like lots of others suffer from cravings, mainly sweet stuff but sometimes savoury too. I came across Slissie and thought what a great idea and so far it doesn't disappoint. Let's get something right though first of all. I don't want to give up having snacks, I don't want to give up chocolate. What I do want is to be in control of when I have them, in moderation instead of in bulk 🙈 😂

Slissie, a lipstick-sized anti-snacking device is the first of its kind as it delivers appetite-suppressing flavourings that instantly helps you resist snack temptation. 

At the press of a button you can taste flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla and Mint, without any calories passing your lips. Slissie releases tasty, appetite-suppressing flavours that stop you from eating things you know you really shouldn't 

Taste and smell (olfaction) have a direct effect on appetite regulation. Flavours that contain aromas of food are sensed by olfactory receptors and convey messages to the appetite control centre of the brain – leaving users feeling in control of what they eat and making it easier to avoid unhealthy snacks.
What's different for me is I have never been a smoker so doing something like this is a bit alien to me. But I would rather use my Slissie and let it replace the rubbish that I can eat in an evening!  Let's face it, it's easier reaching for your Slissie that it is for a bar of chocolate or a biscuit! Like anything that's new and a possible replacement for an unwanted habit, you have to create a new habit to get rid of the old one. It takes 21 days to create a habit but I wanted to share this with you beforehand. If it does what it says on the tin it is unfair of me to keep it from your for 3  weeks!! 😂

I have only tried the mint chocolate flavour so far but it's lovely. You suck but you don't inhale and it does taste like mint chocolate 

The sugar and calorie-free flavours include: Super Mint, Fruit, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread, Banana bread and Caramel coffee

Slissie is easily charged using a USB connection and each refill lasts around 7-10 days. That’s 250 uses and works out at £1.33 per day to aid weight management. The more you use Slissie, the more affordable it gets with a £12.99 refill pack working out at only £0.62 per day.

The Slissie Starter Pack costs £39.99 and Refill Kits start from £12.99. For orders and details on the full range visit Here and use the code DEBRA20 for 20% off!! 

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