Today’s weigh in! 

Today was a great weigh in for me. I lost 3lbs. Not only was that a great loss for me, I hadn’t actually attended group for 4 weeks. I needed a break.  Not from the plan, but from the pressure I sometimes put myself under. I needed to chill! And so I did! I have not been idle though, I have been busy cooking, reviewing, developing my instagram page and latterly this blog which is quite obviously a work in progress! Please bear with me whilst I figure out how to use WordPress 😂 

Anyway, back to the weigh in. I was greeted with a very warm welcome when I walked in and felt like I had just arrived back home after a long break. It was quite evident to myself that the break had done me good and I am ready to embrace group again and continue seeing my friends every week and sharing our ups and hopefully more downs! I always stay for image therapy and have never left early, I think you feel much better supported when you stay to group and we need as much support as we can get! Needless to say after my ramblings that I am delighted with today’s loss! Onwards and downwards!! Keep chipping away! 

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