I missed lunch πŸ˜±

No idea how that happened, normally my stomach reminds me half an hour before I am due to eat! We had breakfast , did a few jobs and decided to go for a walk. We had half an apple each and set off. Up to the local farm shop and back – 3 miles. I only went in to get a bone for Charlie. 20 mins later after trying to suss out the syns on lots of goodies I emerged! On the way back we  stopped off at a lovely dog friendly coffee shop for a black coffee,  Charlie our chocolate labrador who was with us was perfectly behaved in the coffee shop apart from leaving a pool of drool on the wooden floor πŸ™ˆ  Back home we went. 3pm and my stomach never told me! I wasn’t even hungry. In all my life that’s never happened and I am not ill lol. Could it be at last I am in control and not my stomach which has always wanted to be topped up to capacity !   I am sure my slimmer me is slowly naturally emerging! 

Here is a picture of Charlie giving me a Mothers Day card and flowers on Sunday. Unfortunately I had to prise the card from his jaws πŸ˜‚

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